Monday, March 16, 2009

Why would I join Slow Food?

The Slow Food movement is a reaction to a fast food lifestyle predominant in many modern cultures.
By choosing to become a part of the Slow Food movement, you are making a choice to be a co-producer rather than a consumer; an active, proactive and informed part of the food chain.

Your support is extremely important to our success. If you aren't currently a member of Slow Food, please join or renew your membership and join us in speaking up for a more sustainable future. Please visit Slow Food website

Benefits of being a member:

  • Discounts to Slow Food events

  • A personal membership card usable anywhere in the world

  • Four issues of the international magazine Slow Food Almanac

  • Four issues of the newsletter The Snail

  • The right to attend all events organized by the Slow Food movement around the world

  • Discounts on all Slow Food publications and merchandise
When you join Slow Food, your funds directly contribute to our movement to change the world. Your helping hand makes an enormous difference as we reach across cultures, continents and out to new people to educate the world about the Slow life.

Our economic crisis, our healthcare crisis, our environmental crisis, and our children’s health and education cannot be addressed without addressing the food we eat and the way it is produced.

Help us spread the word in Cincinnati!

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Charlotte said...

Hello! I think what you're doing is fundamental and we need to mobilize more people and have them realize that our nutrition not only has an impact on our health but on the health of our environment! Thank you and keep up the good work!