Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome to Slow Food Cincinnati!

Slow Food Cincinnati has hosted our first event – a free to the public maple syrup tour and tasting – and has several more being planned. Our focus at this time is on membership and we will begin to be seen more around town at local food gatherings. Please come up and meet us. Our goal is to offer our upcoming programs with a reduced or free admission to members only – just as a way of thanking people for becoming part of our group. I hear secrets to bread baking may be unlocked in April!

We have organized around a small board, but are always looking for more people who want to become involved. It is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor with Slow Food Cincinnati. Our next meeting is in early April – for volunteers -- and we’d love to have your support. There are many, many wonderful food projects we would like to get involved with and support as we have more people to participate. In addition, we are always willing to learn more about the projects you would like to champion as part of our group.


Erin Swing said...

I'm game! Please let me know more. You can find more about me at my blog. I'll also follow up w/ e-mail to you.


Mardee said...

Hi, I just joined Slow Food and would like more information. I've emailed you but have not heard back yet.

fero 52 binocular said...
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Kelly said...

I tried to email about volunteering but the blog won't link to it properly. I would love to get involved, especially with any writing. Please feel free to contact me at: