Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cooking Class : Feb 12th

Turner Farm and Laura Robinson will hold a hands-on, farm-to-table cooking class in the Meshewa kitchen on February 12th, 2:30-5:30PM. This is the second in a series of classes that will focus on basic cooking techniques using seasonal ingredients picked fresh from the farm.

Everyone has their favorite soup. For some it's the comfort of a hearty chicken noodle, for others it's the complexity of a classic French onion. Others still prefer the richness and depth of a chowder or bisque. In any case, the success of a good soup depends on both a good stock and the appropriate introduction of any variety of ingredients. In this class we will begin by making an easy and flavorful stock. We will then learn how to best introduce vegetables, starches and meat to build a soup that will convince you homemade really is better!

The class will begin in the kitchen, located at 7550 Given Road, adjacent to Turner Farm. After starting on the stock and weather permitting, we will tour the gardens and pick the vegetables used in the soup, so please dress appropriately. We will then finish back in the kitchen and enjoy a meal together.

Space is limited, so please email Turner Farm if you are interested in joining ( The cost of the class is $35 and a check must be received by February 9th to reserve your spot in the class. Checks are payable to Turner Farm.

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